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The Licence Process

Getting your HGV licence alone is a difficult and daunting task as there can be up to six different processes to adhere to, each with their own paperwork, revision material and requirements.

However, at our Providers take the reins and help you through the whole process, so you won't have to get involved in the nitty gritty. The Providers we work with offer a full service for a one off price. The companies who will quote you are Easy As HGV, The LGV Training Company & HGV Driver Training Centre.

Simply fill in our Quote Form and receive up to 3 quotes from our Providers in your local area.

How to get your HGV licence - the basics

It sounds complicated, but only works with Providers who offer a start-to-finish service and will take care of almost all of these steps for you. Just fill in the quote form here and we'll do the rest.

There are many different ways to obtain your HGV Licence, you could do the medical, provisional and theory test yourself, then approach a company to complete the course and practical test with. However, not knowing anything about these companies could prove difficult to pass your HGV Training & test - the 3 large providers you will receive prices from by using the HGV Training service all offer a start to finish complete service.

This means to you, the trainee, no searching for medical venues, applying for the correct forms, obtaining the most up to date theory revision and THEN finding a company with high pass rates and a good fleet of HGV Training vehicles to obtain your HGV licence. The 3 providers will do all of that for you, then once you have completed the HGV Training or CPC Training they have recruitment departments to assist with your job search, if required.

Pass rates

The HGV Training providers who will quote you on your HGV Training or CPC Training by using have some of the highest pass rates in the UK. This is assured by regular site inspections, and monitoring pass rates and feedback. Without this assistance, the industry could be a mine field, with a lot of money and potentially a future career relying on passing this practical test, we say don't gamble on something you don't know about, obtain a HGV Training or CPC Training quote from and gain your licence with one of the biggest and best HGV Training providers in the UK.

To incentivize employees of the 3 providers, each one donates £5 to a chosen charity everytime a candidate passes 1st time, the charities are listed below;

Easy as HGV

The LGV Training Company

HGV Driver Training Centre

If you have any questions regarding the above, please feel free to email

Regards HGV Training team.


The driver medical isn't that scary, honest! Driver Medicals are essential for HGV drivers because, like any job, your new employer will need to know that you're fit and well before they take you on. A lorry is a really serious bit of machinery, and in the wrong hands it could be dangerous, so a quick medical check ensures you don't have any conditions that could cause you to lose concentration at the wheel, for example fainting or fitting, and also checks that you can see everything you need to whilst out on the road. So, a quick check of your blood pressure and eyesight and answering a few questions is all that's needed. No needles, no samples, no prodding and poking; we promise!


Getting your provisional license with any of our Providers is really easy, because they send you all the stuff you need to apply to the DVLA. They'll guide you through filling out the forms and make sure you know where to send them to. Once the form is in the post, it's just a short wait, and then your license will be returned to you, showing your shiny new provisional HGV entitlements on your paper counterpart. You're almost ready to hit the road!

Theory Test Revision

Our Providers have all taken a modern approach to swotting up for your HGV theory tests and Module 2 CPC theory test. With state of the art online, portable revision materials on offer, which work on your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet, the world is your classroom! Fit your learning in with work by getting some revision done on your lunchbreak, tackle the Hazard Perception test while the kids are in bed, or practice your Multiple Choice questions in the queue for the bus - it's simple to use, it's not boring, and it WORKS.

Theory Test

Pop down to your local theory test centre for these. All of our Providers will sort out the appointments for you and make sure you don't double book yourself. They'll even make sure you get directions and instructions for the day. On the day itself you'll usually do one theory test after the other. One test is Multiple Choice questions (so all the answers are in front of you, you just have to pick the right one!!) and the other is a Hazard Perception test where you'll be shown a video containing developing hazards- simply click the mouse when you spot them! If you're doing a CPC course you'll also do the Module 2 theory test, which presents real life scenarios and asks you how you would deal with them - again, that's multiple choice. In a nutshell, the Theory Tests aren't that big a headache and our Providers are brilliant at making revising and preparing for these a walk in the park.

Practical Course

Practical courses can run over various different lengths, although we usually find that 4 days per license is plenty for most drivers. Day 1 is usually spent getting used to the vehicle controls and adjusting to the heavier weight of the vehicle, so once you're out of the yard you'll give the vehicle a spin on quieter roads called 'nursery routes'. Day 2 you'll be more confident changing gear and handling the vehicle on the road, and you can start to progress to more major road networks and maybe tackle a village during school kicking-out time! With your new found confidence you can start to look more deeply into test-craft; making sure you're showing the examiner good mirror checks, all your signals are happening when they should, and you're making good speed progression. Day 3 and you're really getting a hang of the manouevres, for example reversing the vehicle into a bay and pulling out into traffic from the kerb. Your Instructor might give you a mock test to check if there are any last issues to address. Then, it's time for a cup of tea and an early night!! Day 4 is usually test day. After a spell running the vehicle around to make sure you're confident, you'll drive to the test centre and meet your Examiner!

Practical Test

We're all haunted by memories of our car driving test, but really the HGV test isn't as bad! Remember - you already know how to drive a car, and you understand the rules of the road. All you have to do is control this new vehicle in the way you've been taught. The test lasts about 1 hour and a half, and during that time your Examiner will be making sure that you are safe in control of the vehicle. Mirrors, signals, speed control, response to other vehicles and pedestrians, manouevering, adherence to road rules and how you react to situations out on the road are all assessed, as well as your ability to drive on your own without your Examiner telling you what to do, following road signs. Once it's over, you get to find out if you passed right away. If you did, great - you're off into your career as a HGV driver! If you didn't, don't worry - most of our Providers offer a product which can help with the cost of a retest.

CPC Training & Test

If you need to do a CPC Initial Qualification you'll just need to visit your School one more time for some training on loading restraints, security and health and safety. You'll also recap your knowledge of the various safety features of the vehicle, and how to check they're all operational. This is about being able to show the Examiner that you can complete daily safety checks, and that you know your vehicle inside out! The test is 30 minutes long at the test centre, but you don't have to drive anywhere this time - simply turn up, meet your Examiner, demonstrate your knowledge on the stationary vehicle, and then you'll be given your result immediately.

Recruitment Help

You've probably already got some ideas about what sort of job you can see yourself in once you've passed, which is great because our Providers all offer a recruitment or job search service which generally starts with finding out what you want from your new career. Have a look at our jobs page to get yourself thinking about what the future might hold once you've passed! When you pass with one of our excellent training providers, you'll be able to discuss your requirements and get the help you need with things like putting together a CV, writing a cover letter, finding available vacancies and keeping up to date with Industry news and developments.

Ongoing CPC Periodic Classroom Training

As a HGV driver, you'll always be topping up your skills. Every 5 years all professional drivers get back in the classroom and update their knowledge. All our Providers can help you get these courses sorted locally.

Subjects covered include;

Classroom courses are fun and engaging, and a great way to meet other drivers and make friends.

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