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Is There A Difference Between HGV and LGV?

Have you ever seen the terms 'LGV' and 'HGV' in the same sentence and felt a bit baffled? Aren’t they the same thing? And if they're not, what on earth is the difference, and what do they really mean? Luckily. Those questions don't have to go unanswered. At HGV Training Prices, we are here to lift the veil and show you exactly what the differences are, and what that means for your licensing choices.


If we go way back to the beginning of commercial vehicle haulage, there were only LGV's on the road. However, the term LGV was used to mean 2 different types of vehicle, which made it incredibly confusing. If you were talking about a LGV, you were either talking about:

The term HGV didn't come along until later, when road tax was separated into brackets for different classes of vehicle. Here, the term LGV is used for light goods vehicles, and their tax discs had the word ‘LGV' stamped onto it so that authorities would know the vehicle had been taxed properly. That means that a new term needed to be created to refer to the larger vehicles, to avoid confusion. Since the key difference was weight, the larger vehicles were called ‘heavy goods vehicles' instead. Since this made it so much easier to tell the difference, the term has stuck around and become the norm.

So What Are The Different Types Of License?

So as we mentioned before, if you're just looking to drive light goods vehicles, you don't need any kind of qualification other than your standard driving license. But for HGV's, you need to have some more specialist knowledge. There are a few different types of license you can obtain to drive different types of HGV.

At HGV Training Prices, we are dedicated to educating the next generation of aspiring drivers everything they need to know about the world of HGV's. Our expert trainers can handle all abilities, and take you through every step of what your career as a HGV driver will look like – from technicalities and inspections to every day maintenance and, of course, driving. To find out more about how we can help you, just get in touch with us today.


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