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LGV Theory Tests - Taking, Booking And Retaking

All budding HGV drivers know that there are several steps involved in becoming a fully fledges, licensed driver. Because you are handling vehicles of considerable weight, length and mass, the government needs to ensure that you are completely capable of doing so. This means that there are 4 basic tests you must pass before you will be awarded your Driver CPC license. In this post, we are going to talk about the theory section, what's involved, how to book and what to do if you fail.

Booking Your Theory Test

When you're ready to take your HGV theory test, you can book a space at your local test centre. Because there are 2 parts to your HGV theory test, you can opt to take them both together (which is more common) or separately. Remember, you must pass both parts of your theory test before you will be able to book on to your practical tests. The HGV multiple choice test costs £26, while the hazard perception section costs £11 to take. You can do these in whatever order and at whatever interval you choose. There are also options available if you need extra help with your theory test - for example if you have hearing or reading difficulties, or need the test translated into another language. Full details for the costs of each type of test and a list of testing centres for HGV's can be found here. It's best to use this official government site to book, or else you might end up paying extra to book through a third party.

What Happens On The Day?

On the day of your test, you will be invited into the test centre, asked to show ID and escorted to your designated testing module. Here, you will take both parts of your theory test.

Multiple Choice - In the multiple choice test, you will be asked to answer 100 questions, and you will need to get at least 85 right to pass. You are given 115 minutes to complete this test, and you will be given the option of a 15-minute practice session to help you get used to the format. When you start, the multiple choice questions will appear on the screen, and you will use the mouse of touch the screen to choose the correct answer. For some questions, you may need to choose more than 1 correct answer, and the system will notify you if you haven't chosen enough. If you aren't sure of the answer to any of the questions, you can 'flag' them and come back to them at the end.

Hazard Perception - In the hazard perception section of the test, you will be shown 19 videos, in which there are 20 hazards to spot (1 in each film, except 1 film, which features 2). You'll need to click the mouse of touch the screen when you see a developing hazard (i.e. something that would require you as a driver to take some form of action) - the sooner you spot the hazard developing, the more points you will score, with a maximum of 5 points available for each hazard. To pass this section, you will need to score at least 67 out of 100 points. If you click the mouse too much, or click in a pattern, you will be given a warning message and score no points for that film.

If You Need To Retake

Just like with a standard driving test, it is completely possible to fail, and some people do. Whether it's because you weren't quite ready or you were just having a bad day, plenty of qualified HGV drivers had to retake their theory test before moving on to the practical. You are allowed to retake your theory test at any time if you fail, and it won't have any impact on your overall marks - you aren't penalised for needing to take it twice, and the process is exactly the same. The test retakes are also free of charge, so you won't end up out of pocket just because your first test was on an off day.

At HGV Training Prices, we help drivers of any age and from any background learn what it takes to become a HGV Driver. We support you throughout every element of your training to make sure you are completely prepared to take your tests. Not only that, but we can help you reach higher qualifications that just the basic Driver CPC< increasing your chances of employment once you are qualified. For more information, get in touch with one of the team today.


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