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HGV Jobs

Newly qualified HGV drivers are currently earning up to £29,000 per year - So why not join them? Get your HGV licence today and the rewarding, high paid career which comes with it.

"In the past five years, HGV licence applications have dropped by more than 32,000.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimates 45,000 new recruits are needed now..."

BBC News Online 2015

"Articulated vehicles replaced reindeer as the favoured Christmas delivery service several years ago, but what will replace trucks this year when there is no one to drive them? The UK logistics industry is facing its worst driver shortage in the run up to Christmas, and is blaming EU regulation."

FTA November 2014

The above are just two quotes easily found on the net these days, outlining the shortage of HGV drivers here in the UK. The HGV driver shortage is estimated to be at around 30,000 an all time high, with newly qualified HGV drivers in higher demand than ever before.

There has never been a better time to undergo your HGV Training, if your aim is to obtain a HGV driving job once qualified.

The HGV Training / CPC Training providers who will quote you all help with HGV Jobs, once qualified / trained.

Salary expectations
Wages for qualified HGV drivers are also at an all time high, please see below for expected salaries;

It is possible to earn less or more than the above figures, however this will be a good guide for expected salaries once you have completed your HGV Training.

If you think the above would be ok for you, fill in our online form and receive quotes from up to 3 HGV Training / CPC Training providers, so no need to spend your time trawling through the net or driving around the UK looking for a reputable HGV Training / CPC Training company. Compare the prices, locations, job opportunities and advisors, to find the most suitable provider for you.

Types of work available

The great thing about gaining your HGV license is the huge variety of jobs available once you’ve passed. Forget boring 'one-track' careers; your experience as a HGV driver will be varied and diverse. Each major town and city in the UK offers a different scope of work available, see below for just a small snippet of what's on offer!

London & South East

Ever fancied working airside? Drivers in London often find themselves making deliveries to Heathrow, Stanstead or Gatwick airports, with hundreds of shops in the terminals, as well as important airfreight deliveries coming into the country on a daily basis.


Did you know that East Midlands Airport is a major cargo hub for airfreight, second only to Heathrow? Did you realise that some of the UK's most well- established food producers are still making food products in their factories here? If you fancy being involved in transporting products made by industry giants such as Carlsberg, Oxo and Walkers, look no further than an HGV driving job in the Midlands!


Car factories, salt mining and power production make the North a really attractive proposition for HGV drivers, especially those trained to drive a C+E. Wages for tanker drivers can be attractive, and even offer opportunities for trunking and international driving. Or, if you're a 'home bird', major food companies in the area are always on the hunt for local drivers.


Short haul jobs for livestock & agricultural purposes are popular in Wales, which is what you'd expect from a country where agriculture is a major contributor to the economy. However, did you know that Wales is still a major hub for steelworks and industrial manufacturing companies? Tramping jobs can be found here which will take you all over the country, if you have a wandering spirit!


If you're looking for something to pay the bills, Scotland abounds with supermarket delivery roles on regular routes with pre-agreed shifts. If you're looking for something to get your teeth into, though, Scotland is the place to be. Think international deliveries, nationwide long-distance tramping, refrigerated vehicle work, gas deliveres - you name it, it's there for the taking in Scotland!

Flexibility to suit your lifestyle

Many people who look at a career driving lorries do so because they want the freedom to work independently, and the option to fit their work around them. Here are some types of shift patterns could be doing when you're passed, based on common shift types we see in the Industry;

Whatever your personal commitments or lifestyle, the best thing about HGV driving for a living is that the possibilities are endless and there's always a job available that will fit in with you- no matter how complicated your life is!

Recruitment Help

All of our providers offer a recruitment service, which is important to mention because not all HGV training companies do. We'll only give you a quote from our providers who all help you to find a job when you've passed. Once you've got your three quotes you can compare their services and figure out what type of Recrutiment Help suits you best. Happy job hunting!

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