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Is There A Difference Between HGV and LGV? October 2017

Have you ever seen the terms 'LGV' and 'HGV' in the same sentence and felt a bit baffled? Aren’t they the same thing? And if they're not, what on earth is the difference, and what do they really mean? Luckily. Those questions don't have to go unanswered. At HGV Training Prices, we are here to lift the veil and show you exactly what the differences are, and what that means for your licensing choices.

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The Dawn of the Electric HGV September 2017

September marks a very exciting month for the haulage industry. In years to come, September 2017 will be known as the dawn of the electric HGV. Ok, maybe that's going a bit far, but it will certainly be remembered as the time the first set of fully electric HGVs were revealed to the world. Yes, it's time for Tesla to unveil their much awaited electric HGV, along with a competing model from industry leader Cummins, who has already pulled away the curtain to show us what's underneath. Electric HGVs are something we have been waiting a long time for, and we can't wait to see how they stack up compared to our current diesel and petrol models.

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How Will The Diesel Scrappage Scheme Affect HGV Drivers? August 2017

In the past, we have been sure to bring you our avid readers, the latest in HGV and haulage news, as it happens. We've covered self-driving HGVs, electric HGVs and even the national driver shortage. And today, we bring you the latest blow to the HGV industry straight from the government itself - a total ban on diesel. That's right, the government intends to completely scrap diesel, and force diesel vehicles off the road, by 2040. But why ban diesel at all, and what impact will this have on the haulage industry in the years to come?

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Staying Cool on Long Journeys This Summer July 2017

I don't know if you noticed, but summer is well and truly upon us. We've already had some of the hottest days of the year and even the thunderstorms and rain showers are hot and muggy. Staying safe while on the road is one of the biggest concerns of any HGV driver, especially when they have a long haul journey ahead of them. Staying cool in the summer months is just as essential as making sure you don't skid along the road in ice, or being able to see in the heavy rain. It's a factor that can affect your judgement, your ability to concentrate on the road and, sometimes, even your ability to stay awake. So how can you stay cool on your long haul journeys this summer?

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EU Driving Regulations And Brexit - What Could Change? June 2017

I don't know about you, but it's been pretty hard for me to avoid Brexit at the moment. It's the topic of any remotely political discussion, and with negotiations imminent, all of that emotion has been stoked up once again. But in all that talk of the value of the pound and trade deals and immigration laws, not much time has been dedicated to discussions about the smaller impacts. You know, the kind that add up over time. In this instance, I'm talking about EU driving regulations, and how Brexit might impact our haulage industry - the foundation of much of our British commerce.

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LGV Theory Tests - Taking, Booking And Retaking May 2017

All budding HGV drivers know that there are several steps involved in becoming a fully fledges, licensed driver. Because you are handling vehicles of considerable weight, length and mass, the government needs to ensure that you are completely capable of doing so. This means that there are 4 basic tests you must pass before you will be awarded your Driver CPC license. In this post, we are going to talk about the theory section, what's involved, how to book and what to do if you fail.

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HGV Drivers Wish You Knew These 5 Things April 2017

Lets be honest, unless you've been behind the wheel of one, the average motorist doesn't have a clue what it's like to be in control of a HGV. People will often complain about them, and the constant parade of news articles doesn't always paint drivers in a great light, but the challenges drivers face are beyond what they understand. So this month, we want to share with you the 5 things HGV drivers wished other motorists knew.

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4 Ways You Can Save Fuel On Long Journeys March 2017

Fuel efficiency is one of the most important factors in modern road transport. With the basic engine manufacturing process honed to a fine point, the amount of fuel it takes to complete our journeys is mainly down to how we drive. For car drivers, this might not seem like much, but for HGV drivers who make long haul journeys regularly, this can add up to a lot of extra money. So as a professional driver it is important to learn how to become more fuel efficient without drastically having to change the way you drive. Luckily this month we've brought you some of our best, long haul fuel saving tips.

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Planning A New Career? Consider Becoming A HGV Driver February 2017

When someone says they are a HGV driver, many people can only see the part where they drive along the motorways in big lorries. But driving a HGV can be an incredibly fulfilling, challenging and rewarding career path for the right kind of person. And like everything in life, there's more than one way to do it. So if you're planning a new career as a HGV driver, we have a few suggestions of the options you could take.

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The Truth Behind Driverless Lorries January 2017

There has been a lot of very lively debate over the last couple of years, all centred around one thing. The driverless car appears to be a sign that that modern, space aged future we see in films has finally arrived, where we can start lying back as machines do all the hard work for us. But while many people are excited about these new forms of transport, many more people are sceptical, insisting they are in fact and accident waiting to happen. But progress is not to be halted, and with Google assisting in the design for regulations of driverless cars and trials of driverless lorries being carried out across the UK, it's time to look at the pro's and con's of the driverless future.

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What it's really like being an HGV driver December 2016

HGV driving is one of those professionals that many people don't give a second thought to, especially if you don't know anyone in the industry. You just see them driving by, potentially even getting frustrated at their steady pace when you're in a rush on the motorway. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a HGV for a living? To feel the open road ahead of you, knowing you are supporting businesses and keeping our economy going? Here's just a few insights into the world of the HGV driver.

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